Golita Supplies - Product Catalogue Edition 20

98 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Smartwares New Wireless Door Chimes ✔ Quick and easy to install as no wiring is required ✔ Simply stick the fully waterproof bell push to your door frame ✔ At least 150 metres wireless range • 200 metres wireless range • Sleek design with visual alert colour options • 8 high quality, extra loud digital melodies • Volume control touch bar • Battery powered or micro USB charged DBY-25931 Wireless doorbell set Wired Door Entry Ranges ✔ Experts in door entry since 1904 ✔ Choose from our traditional and classic designs • 150 metres wireless range • Choose from portable, plug-in, plug through or two twin packs • 16 melodies DBY-22311 Portable DBY-22312UK Plug-in DBY-22313UK Plug-through DBY-22314UK Portable and plug-in twin pack DBY-22317UK Set of two plug-throughs • 150 metres wireless range • Choose from portable, plug-in or twin pack • Stylish mesh finish and visual alert • 16 melodies DBY-22321 Portable DBY-22322UK Plug-in DBY-22324UK Portable and plug-in twin pack • Additional bell push compatible with any of the wireless doorbells on this page • LED indication after pressing • Battery included DBY-23510 Additional bell push 771 Wired Chime – transformer or battery operated 776 Built-in Transformer Chime 720 Wired chime – transformer or battery operated 720K Kit including transformer 1210 Underdome bell – black Wired Doorbells Surface Mounted Wired Bell Pushes 7900 Black 7910 White 7720 Black with illumination 7730 White with illumination 7960 Brushed nickel 7960B Brass 7960C Chrome 2204 Brass 2204BN Brushed nickel 2204BC Brushed chrome DBY-23511 Portable DBY-23512UK Plug-in DBY-23513UK Plug-through DBY-23514UK Portable and plug-in twin pack • 175 metres wireless range • Choose from portable, plug-in or twin pack • Mute function and visual alert • 8 melodies www.smartwaresgroup.com Flush Mounted Wired Bell Push 2007/P1BC Chrome