Golita Supplies - Product Catalogue Edition 20

102 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 ATC www.atcelec.co.uk Description Stainless Steel Black Painted Steel White Painted Steel High Speed Cub Hand Dryer 500/1150W Z-2651M Z-2651BL Z-2651WH Tiger Eco High Speed Hand Dryer 550/1200W Z-3145M Z-3145W Panther High Speed Hand Dryer 350/1550W ATC-ZA05 Puma High Speed Hand Dryer 500/1150W Z-2000M Almeria Eco Digital Panel Heater • Large easy to read TFT Screen with text menus • Easy to program with 2 Operating modes • Dedicated Boost facility with program advance mode • Open Window Technology – improves Energy Efficiency • 7 Year Battery Life on program and time Product Code Description DPH500-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 500W DPH750-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 750W DPH1000-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 1000W DPH1500-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 1500W DPH2000-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 2000W Energy Efficient Products Hand Dryers ATC Cub ATC Tiger ATC Panther ATC Puma REDUCE CO 2 EMISSIONS Conventional Hand Dryer 11.81g CO 2 per dry Paper Towel Dispenser 12.60g CO 2 per dry 1.93g CO 2 per dry 2.12g CO 2 per dry 2.30g CO 2 per dry 2.12g CO 2 per dry